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"How Pennsylvania's Legal Aid System is Organized" in The Pennsylvania Lawyer

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

  • Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, Inc.
  • Source: Pennsylvania

An article entitled How Pennsylvania's Legal Aid System is Organized, authored by Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Executive Director Sam Milkes, appears in the current issue (January/February 2009) of The Pennsylvania Lawyer, a publication of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

The article is a self described "road map to legal aid" in Pennsylvania. It describes the organizational structure of the programs comprising the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network and identifies them as independent organizations with various funding streams, eligibility requirements and local priorities. The article also outlines the interaction between the PLAN programs, and between PLAN programs and related pro bono programs and other public interest law firms.

The article may be downloaded and/or viewed from the PLAN website at the link below.

View How Pennsylvania's Legal Aid System is Organized [PDF]

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